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DIY Montessori Activities for a Two Year Old

Note: I got most of these notions either from Pinterest, or from the book Teach Me to Do It Myself: Montessori Activities for You and Your Child by Maja Pitamic (one of my all time favourite Montessori novels, and one I highly recommend if you’re interested in Montessori-at-home). And bonus: all of these tasks are very low-cost, or free — they generally use items you already have in your home. I don’t possess the money to invest in Montessori stuff that are fancy, so I do my best with what I have. Acquiring the Senses
Sewing on an Embroidery Hoop I got this amazing notion from Childhood 101 and Filth Wizardy.

Sorting Buttons with Muffin Tins
Montessori child care center
Transferring with a Baster It took a while for her to grasp the significance of dipping the tip into the water, squeezing, and then lifting the point before squeezing again into the following bowl.

Montessori activity ideas
Sequencing/Matching 2D Shapes (Circles) I got this activity thought from Teach Me To Do It Mys…
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Potty training Montessori way

Toilet Learning Trousers
Along with shoes we also ordered these toilet learning trousers from Michael Olaf.
Although as you are able to see they are bulky and absorb much just like a nappy Otis or I may even tell he was wet Otis continues to be wearing training pants for some time such as the reddish ones in this post. I used to be looking for trousers that were;
Absorbent enough there's absolutely no pool but the kid feels wet
Easy to see the child is wet
Slimline, not in any way bulky
Simple to get on and off, even for an extremely young child
Generated from natural fibers
These trousers are perfect for people. They've been made from organic cotton and so far no pools. Not even a wet bed. Although I do not by choice have him sleep in them. I generally shift him before bed, sometimes I do not get a chance.
They are only worn by Otis when we are at home. I'm in a position to determine when he is wet and have worked out a tiny pattern, when he is in training slacks. O…

Montessori toys 2 year old

For Children 5 Years
Christmas Tree Triangle Puzzle.
This puzzle was made to be utilized by a group of people with different skill levels as it has three different sized pieces. I really like at Christmas to have a puzzle going on the table for everyone to contribute to and this puzzle would be perfect! It's 400 pieces.

Gift Ideas for the Montessori Kid - Christmas
When looking for Christmas gift ideas it is simple to think all the nice toys come from overseas. These present ideas don't include Montessori substances but they're suited to the Montessori kid and they are all made by Australian companies. I've really tried to include as many small businesses and handcrafted goods as possible while also highlighting some of our favourite Australian products! A number of these shops send overseas also.
Small backpacks perfect for independent Montessori kids by Bagbini (international transportation available).
Playdough and accessories at Joyful Hands Happy Heart (we adore…

Best montessori toys for 2 year old

The terrible twos as they're called morning in! However, you do not need to fear this transitional change for your kid, it might be handled. There are strategies that could help this interval to be an easy transition. This is achieved by giving them opportunity to do the jobs proposed and giving kids alternatives to prevent power struggles and allowing them to accomplish things independently. At this point, as they grow up, kids should be given more autonomy. This is often shown in the surroundings. How one arranges it such that the kid can independently achieve things for himself. This subsequently gives him/her the sense of achievement and in turn develops a high self-esteem. The key will be to set up the surroundings in which he is able to succeed to be able to do things by himself. For young child things might need to be set up step by step, which might be slow and tedious for adults but is indispensable for a kid who is learning.
Language Language explosion frequently occurs…